To engage African-American youth through travel and education abroad programs specifically designed to equip them with the tools and information necessary for global success!

At the cornerstone of The Hardly Home Initiative lies the Passport Program, instituted to equip high school and college students across America with passports to travel out of the United States and take advantage of education abroad opportunities.

By the end of 2017 the hope is that more than 100 students will have benefited from THHI’s Passport Program and had the chance to experience the life-changing event that is travel.


I started THHI as pure investment in our youth. My whole life I've heard people say how they "wish they knew what they knew now back then". We can't go back in time, but we can share our knowledge and experiences with those following in our path.

The Too Fly Fundraiser has been a tremendous help and partner innot only helping raise awareness in our community for the need to travel abroad, but also establishing a unique and fun way to raise funds to help pay for our study abroad student's passports.

I personally love the networking and meeting young positive thinking like-minded individuals. Hearing people's different stories and experiences concerning travel simply further solidifies the need for our Passport Program and that we are on the right track to making a great impact within our community.

Marcus King
Founder of Hardly Home Initiative
Too Fly Philanthropy Partner